How to Frag a Green Mouthed Leather Toadstool?

A green mouthed leather toadstool is a gorgeous saltwater toadstool that includes green series like mouths which come from the very top of its mind. They’re a exotic and exceptionally hardy saltwater .

To be able to frag those leather toadstools that you want to have a couple of things. Find a razor blade, a cup, some kind of stone or coral or possibly a casing, a rubberband, and rubber gloves.

First wear the rubber gloves, your oils in your fingers can damage this particular leather and perhaps kill it. Be certain that the gloves do not possess the white powdery material on it , wash your gloves. Fill the cup up with your saltwater out of your own volcano.

Get the green leather toadstools and choose the razor blade and slit off the head the toadstooloff, this can leave the first toadstool with no head. Set the head of this toadstool to the cup and then put another toadstool back into the aquarium. Your toadstool which was cut will probably grow back just give it time and be sure that you leave it alone!

Get the mind from in the cup and rubber band into the stone, coral or shell (You can cut up that head into like 6 unique pieces if you desired and put each head on another with stone ) and put it at a minimal flow region of your aquarium till it attaches itself into the stone. The rubber ring will maintain the soft coral set up till it attaches itself, this typically occurs within seven days however I give it about two weeks only be to secure. Following fourteen days remove the rubber ring and be certain it’s attached. Now just make it and it’ll grow into a massive leather toadstool daily.

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