What Constitutes Halal or not?

Have you heard of the term halal? What can it mean? And what makes it halal?

Well this term actually means permissible or allowed. This term is used by muslims around the globe based on the Quran and under the Islamic Law. The term halal is also usually contested with the term Halal that is basically the opposite, which means, forbidden. These terms are usually linked to food products that are meat and ingredients. Many items such as cosmetic products and pharmaceuticals are also listed under these islamic terms.

Generally, all foods are considered as halal, unless proven otherwise. There are a few things that constitutes whether an item can be considered halal or not. First of all, we need to make certain that the item is free from the components that are prohibited such as alcoholic ingredients, pig or dog meat, and carnivorous animal meats. The other thing is that, the utensils in processing, or cooking is cleansed according to Islamic Law.

Meat preparation wholesale frozen food supplier singapore is one of the main products that has to be catered in the Islamic Halal Certification. It has specific rules to how to humanely kill and prepare the animal. There are several rules before they slaughter the animal, for example, when you are to humanely slaughter the animal, they must not be seen by any surrounding animal and must be in good health. Other things like how the animal should not be pregnant and that it should also be treated well before the whole process. There are also terms that is related to the slaughterer for example, that they need to be sane and the utensils they use must be very sharp so the cut is done most immediately. Even the terms of where they should cut, has reasons behind it, for example, there are two veins that have to be cut on the throat is to ensure that blood will flow out of the animal fast and ensures that this is the least painful way of ending an animals life. For more inquiries about the islamic way of slaughtering, you may consult with any halal chicken suppliers singapore or any other halal meat outlets that you can find.…

Raise Your Brand’s Popularity with These Techniques

Your brand will benefit more if your brand is well-known in the market as there will be more potential customers purchasing your products and your company will gain more profit from sales. It is important to maintain brand consistency and increase brand awareness positively to maintain a good brand image for your customers.

There are a few techniques for your reference:

  1. Always inform your customers about the latest news immediately

Do not wait to make the latest announcement about anything regarding your brand. Time is money and you need to make good use of the time in announcing. This is because your customers might not be able to read your news on time and they will miss your promotion or event. Involve your customers in discussing your latest news can lead them to share this news with their friends and family members. Announce your news on social media is a smart choice as your potential customers will notice your news while they are enjoying spending their time scrolling down Facebook or Instagram post.

2. Engage in the platform where there are more potential customers

Promoting your brand online and offline is a wise choice to prevent losing any potential customers. Post your latest news on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to gain your potential customers’ attention. Create events or contest for them to join. Ask them to share the news on their social media account to increase the chance of being chosen as the winner. You can choose a popular spot such as the shopping mall whereby there are more people to promote your products or services.

3. Hire a brand ambassador

Brand ambassadors are more powerful than you think they are. Most of them are social network influencer and their fans will purchase your products or services because of the brand ambassador promoting your brand. Finding a suitable brand ambassador that can help you to promote based on their experience using your products is difficult. You can start searching for one at Instagram or Facebook page and view them by their popularity, image and appearance. Contact them immediately to discuss more the job scope or the price.

If you need assistance, feel free to contact branding agency Malaysia for more information. …